Episodes, “Episode Three”

Sorry for the slight delay in this review. I've been a bit sluggish this week for some reason. Anyway, Episodes! This third effort is not quite as strong as last week's episode, but compared to the pilot, it's a glorious improvement. I tweeted this last night but I honestly have no idea how the Episodes … Continue reading Episodes, “Episode Three”

Episodes, “Episode Two”

I was very critical of the Episodes pilot. I hated it. HATED it. But you go back to that review, you'll see that I said I really, really wanted to like Episodes. It has a great, promising concept that should lead to some compelling television. Unfortunately, the pilot was not compelling, mostly because it tried … Continue reading Episodes, “Episode Two”

Series Premiere — Episodes, “Episode One”

With television patience is a big point of emphasis. Stories have a beginning, middle and end and if the start to the story isn't exciting, influential or in some cases good, it is difficult to determine the value in sticking with it. For long-running serials, especially on cable, the party line is always to hang … Continue reading Series Premiere — Episodes, “Episode One”