Survivor: Nicaragua, “Pulling the Trigger”

I haven't seen every season of Survivor, but I've definitely seen more than half of its 21 seasons. I know how the program operates, what kinds of people it likes to cast, etc. With that familiarity with the series and its history, let me just say this: The castaways on Survivor: Nicaragua are, by far, … Continue reading Survivor: Nicaragua, “Pulling the Trigger”

Season Premiere — Survivor Nicaragua, “Young at Heart”

I don't imagine that I'll be posting my thoughts on Survivor Nicaragua each week, but it seemed logical to check in on the season during its premiere. This is especially true because of the season's young vs. old gimmick and the participation of the famous football coach Jimmy Johnson. As expected, Johnson takes up a … Continue reading Season Premiere — Survivor Nicaragua, “Young at Heart”