House, “The Dig”

I'm willing to face the consequences of this statement: I actually like Thirteen. I know that many House fans have hated her from the beginning because she was more or less replacing fan favorite Cameron, and I can see their point of view. The way that Cameron was shoved not-so-gently off the stage so that … Continue reading House, “The Dig”

House, “Fall From Grace”

As we continue into the post-Huddy period of this season of House, it looks like the series is fairly confident in hitting the same notes each week with just enough variation to make subsequent episodes worth watching. Last week, House hung out in a swanky hotel with a bunch of hookers and jumped off a … Continue reading House, “Fall From Grace”

House, “Out of the Chute”

After last week's controversial episode, House and House could have gone a number of troubling directions. I suspected "Out of the Chute" would be overly melodramatic and annoying and since the series has gone this troubling route in the past, there was an outside chance that this episode didn't actually deal with the fall-out of the … Continue reading House, “Out of the Chute”

House, “Small Sacrifices”

Last week, I praised House for avoiding some of the melodramatic nonsense this season that made the last two sometimes excruciating to watch. So of course, this week's episode, "Small Sacrifices" brings back the melodrama in full force! Stupid column. Anyway, "Small Sacrifices" is definitely the worst episode of the season, even if it does feature a … Continue reading House, “Small Sacrifices”

Tonal transition: Why House is having a creative resurgence in its seventh season

In its seventh season, the general consensus on FOX's House is that it is a series way past its prime, one that's a shell of its former self and one that's basically no longer interesting on a week-to-week basis. If you would have asked me, a long-time fan of the series, my opinion on House … Continue reading Tonal transition: Why House is having a creative resurgence in its seventh season