This page features a selection of media coverage for my research and reporting in which I’m quoted as a source. If you’re interested in my research, reach out.


The Roundtable Perspective, PBS Lakeshore, December 13, 2019.


Breaking Through the Clutter. Peoria Magazines, April 2020.

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Max Cea. One Hour Every Single Day, That’s All HBO Wants from You (Needs, Actually), Salon, July 2018.

Steven Zeitchik. FX, Network of ‘Atlanta’ and ‘The Americans’ Could Be Victim of Disney-Fox Consolidation,Washington Post, December 2017.

Pilot Viruet. USA Network is Searching for a New Identity—Will It Find One in Satisfaction? Flavorwire, July 2014.

Noel Murray. The ‘Second Screen’: Is This App Really Necessary? Grantland, March 2013.

Umika Pidaparthy. Summertime a Hot Time for USA Network, CNN, May 2012.

Purple Rock Survivor Podcast 

Survivor David v. Goliath, Episode 6, “Aren’t Brochachos Adorable?” November 2018.

Survivor Kaoh Rong, Episode 4, “Signed, Sealed, and Delivered.” March 2016.

Survivor Cambodia, Episode 4, “Where’s The Beef?” October 2015.

Televerse Podcast

Televerse #334: Spotlight on 25 Years of Monday Night Raw with Cory Barker. January 2018.

Televerse #230: Miami Vice With Cory Barker. January 2016.

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