Review: Community, “Urban Matrimony and Sandwich Arts”

Well here we are folks. After three months of agonizing, waiting, Twitter campaigns, flash mobs and a whole lot of kvetching, Community is back on our television screens in one of the deadliest timeslots around. I was supremely excited for the series’ return, just as I was fairly sad that NBC made the (fairly logical) … Continue reading Review: Community, “Urban Matrimony and Sandwich Arts”

Community, “Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts”

In light of last week's very funny episode of Community, there's been some discussion about the series' desire to tell us about the emotional connectedness between these people instead of showing it. That's a criticism I can totally see and if there's one thing I would knock about this season it would be that sometimes … Continue reading Community, “Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts”

Community, “Asian Population Studies”

There's been a lot of discussion about the two different kinds of Community. It's not quite "3 Glees" worthy, but critics and fans can obviously see how this series can present us with high-concept, meta-driven episodes like "Epidemiology" and then follow it up with character-driven efforts like "Cooperative Calligraphy" or even  "Mixology Certification." What's interesting … Continue reading Community, “Asian Population Studies”