2013 TV Predictions Roundtable: Most Anticipated New Show

After the success of the TV in 2012 roundtable, most everyone wanted to keep chatting about television, so we figured we'd roll it all over and talk about TV's future in the coming months. This is the predictions roundtable.  Cory Barker: Welcome to 2013 everyone! Let's kick off the predictions roundtable with a discussion of the new … Continue reading 2013 TV Predictions Roundtable: Most Anticipated New Show

Doctor Who Series 7 Roundtable: “Asylum of the Daleks”

Throughout this series/season (whatever your preferred designation is) of Doctor Who, three buddies (Myc Wiatrowski, Tony Nagel and Travis Limbert) and I will chat about each new episode. These conversations are light and fun, but do feature a few Who super-fans, so don't expect criticism-devoid entries either. Here's the first one on last week's "Asylum of the Daleks." Cory: … Continue reading Doctor Who Series 7 Roundtable: “Asylum of the Daleks”

Luther, “Episode Three”

After last week's slightly disappointing effort, Luther's third episode strikes a better balance between a specific procedural case, the budding relationship between John and Alice and the unraveling of John's personal life. It's still messy and sometimes scattershot, but there's more good stuff happening here. One thing I've noticed about Luther thus far is that … Continue reading Luther, “Episode Three”

Series Premiere — Luther, “Episode 1”

I had heard nothing but good things about BBC's Luther, but I always hear good things about BBC productions and never get around to watching them. However, due to my undying respect for The Wire and particularly Idris Elba's performance as Stringer Bell, I randomly decided to DVR the first episode of the gritty police … Continue reading Series Premiere — Luther, “Episode 1”