Season Finale — Supernatural, “Let It Bleed” and “The Man Who Knew Too Much”

Sorry for the delay with this review folks. I had a super-busy weekend and just watched these episodes last night. It was difficult to wait, but ultimately, I think I would say it was worth it. From the very first episode, this season of Supernatural has been a disjointed mess. If you go back through some … Continue reading Season Finale — Supernatural, “Let It Bleed” and “The Man Who Knew Too Much”

Supernatural, “The Man Who Would Be King”

This review will most certainly be short. My apologizes.  I am of split mind on "The Man Who Would Be King." This is an episode that has a lot of work to do, both in explaining the season leading up to it and setting up the two episodes that will follow it. And it of … Continue reading Supernatural, “The Man Who Would Be King”

TV Surveillance’s Best of 2010: The Top 60 Episodes, 60-51

2010 has been a fantastic year for television. This year brought us a slew of great new programs and if we include the second halves of all the series that debuted in the fall of 2009 (which I am for these features), we have probably just experienced the best run of newbies since 2004. While … Continue reading TV Surveillance’s Best of 2010: The Top 60 Episodes, 60-51

Supernatural, “All Dogs Go to Heaven”

After last week's exposition-heavy, but still great episode, Supernatural moved forward with its new equilibrium status in "All Dogs Go to Heaven," with Sam and Dean working specifically for Crowley and hating it, while continuing to figure out just what the hell Sam actually is (or is not) at the moment. "Dogs" isn't an awful … Continue reading Supernatural, “All Dogs Go to Heaven”

Supernatural, “You Can’t Handle the Truth”

After cracking the code that is Supernatural season six last week, I was very excited to just sit back and let "You Can't Handle the Truth" wash over me. Thankfully, it's yet another strong episode, that while sometimes too obvious, is enjoyable and effective at moving the Sam plot forward. The set-up is fairly standard: … Continue reading Supernatural, “You Can’t Handle the Truth”

Supernatural, “Live Free or Twihard”

Alright, Supernatural season six, I think I've figured you out. I've been extremely vocal in my dissatisfaction with the series coming back for a sixth season and found myself disappointed with this season's episodes, particularly the first three efforts. However, after last week's Bobby-centric affair and "Live Free or Twihard," I've not only come around … Continue reading Supernatural, “Live Free or Twihard”

Supernatural, “Weekend At Bobby’s”

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sucker for the "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" storytelling approach that sees individual episodes shift the focus away from the usual main characters and onto the supporting players we're certainly familiar with, but don't always get to watch in action on their own. House tried it … Continue reading Supernatural, “Weekend At Bobby’s”

Is Supernatural’s back-to-basics plan a good idea?

Note: Again, I'm looking to do more short-form column-like pieces here on TVS. This is one of them. All Supernatural fans know this, but for those uninitiated here's a quick synopsis of the background information needed for this piece. The low-rated CW series was always on a five-year plan, according to creator/show runner Eric Kripke. With … Continue reading Is Supernatural’s back-to-basics plan a good idea?