#TVFail Entry 4: The Office, “The Banker”

The accused: The Office, "The Banker" (Season 6, Episode 14) The crime: Clip show. That is all. Television’s failures are supposed to be obvious. From the overhyped non-starters that flop from the very beginning (hello, FlashForward, Lone Star) to the much-discussed clumsy conclusions of series we were convinced had it all planned out (nice to see you … Continue reading #TVFail Entry 4: The Office, “The Banker”

Community, “Paradigms of Human Memory”

Note: I'm at a conference and running on a bit of wonky sleep schedule, so I'm going to cut this one a bit short. I could just write, "IT'S AMAZINGLY FUNNY." and move on, but I'm a professional. I mean amateur. You get it. I spend a lot of time in my Community reviews talking … Continue reading Community, “Paradigms of Human Memory”