Cougar Town, “Cry To Me”

"Cry To Me" is unfortunately the last episode of Cougar Town for a couple of months. ABC was to line up Matthew Perry's Mr. Sunshine and I think even Happy Endings in the post-Modern Family timeslot, so the cul-de-sac crew is going to be gone for a fairly substantial amount of time. No matter what, … Continue reading Cougar Town, “Cry To Me”

Cougar Town, “A Thing About You”

Thanks to President Obama's admittedly moving speech in Tuscon last week, Cougar Town was given the shaft of preemption. I'm not really sure if that alters the season as a whole, but I read a few places about a winter finale cliffhanger of sorts -- remember, the series is going away for a while so … Continue reading Cougar Town, “A Thing About You”

Cougar Town, “Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It)”

Last week's episode felt like a turning point in the second season of Cougar Town. The first batch of episodes, while overwhelmingly fun, were sometimes clunky, scattered in interested in too many things at once to really get a good grip on what the season was going to be moving forward aside from people playing … Continue reading Cougar Town, “Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It)”

Cougar Town, “Keeping Me Alive”

Because Cougar Town recalibrated┬áin the middle of its first season, it's in a weird position here early in season two. The writers seem interested in going back to certain stories from the early- to mid-part of the series as some weird way of going forward the character development, but by doing so, they're overtly acknowledging … Continue reading Cougar Town, “Keeping Me Alive”

Modern Family, “Earthquake” and Cougar Town, “Makin’ Some Noise”

I've been tough on Modern Family this season, both on the blog and in discussions with friends and family. Though I liked last week's episode, it still bothered me in some ways and the season premiere was particularly problematic and frustrating to watch. But this week, I'm going to try to be more positive because … Continue reading Modern Family, “Earthquake” and Cougar Town, “Makin’ Some Noise”

Season Premieres — Modern Family, “The Old Wagon” and Cougar Town, “All Mixed Up”

ABC's two best comedies enter their second seasons with varying degrees of expectations. With all the critical hype and Emmy validation, Modern Family has been crowned as the new comedy king. Meanwhile, Cougar Town has grown in stature in the eyes of the critical community, but still isn't seemingly as respected as its lead-in, particularly … Continue reading Season Premieres — Modern Family, “The Old Wagon” and Cougar Town, “All Mixed Up”