Community, “Competitive Wine Tasting”

I'll just go ahead and put this out there: "Competitive Wine Tasting" is probably my least favorite episode of Community's second season and quite possibly my least favorite episode OF ALL TIME. Of course, it's still better than a lot of television out there and if I were giving it a grade, it would still … Continue reading Community, “Competitive Wine Tasting”

Community, “Critical Film Studies”

When I knew that "Critical Film Studies" was reportedly going to include a lot of Pulp Fiction references I was a bit worried that my general ambivalence (and thus lack of real knowledge) towards that film would mean I wouldn't enjoy this episode as much as I could have. I wasn't necessarily concerned about not … Continue reading Community, “Critical Film Studies”

Community, “Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy”

I have been criticized, both online and in-person, for being totally in the tank for Community. Readers, friends, family, whomever they all just assume I adore every single episode of Community and perhaps I have lost all of my ability to review the series "objectively." Of course, I hate to break it to everyone, but … Continue reading Community, “Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy”

Community, “Intro to Political Science”

After last week's high-concept, high-profile and flat-out fantastic episode of television, it makes sense that Community came back with an episode more in-tune with its basic framework. Well as "basic" as the series can get at this point. There appears to be rumblings of a minor backlash towards the series after the last handful of … Continue reading Community, “Intro to Political Science”

Community, “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking”

Another week, another fantastic and innovative episode of Community. I feel like I've spent so much time writing about the series' innovations and high-concept episodes and then the next week, Community does it again. I don't think I was ever convinced that the series' had a ceiling or a limit to the different kinds of things … Continue reading Community, “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking”

Community, “Early 21st Century Romanticism”

On the surface, "Early 21st Century Romanticism" doesn't feel like a complex or ambitious episode. And for the most part, it's not really. But even though this appears to be a season one-esque episode that is fairly low-key in its approach and execution, there is actually a lot going on. Not only episodes of the … Continue reading Community, “Early 21st Century Romanticism”

Community, “Celebrity Pharmacology”

When a series is as lowly-rated as Community is, the internet-fueled hype about its greatness is a good thing. But as with anything, that hype comes with a price: expectations. When you've been anointed as the next Arrested Development by the internet commenter hive-mind, it's a blessing and a curse. After tonight's "Celebrity Pharmacology," I … Continue reading Community, “Celebrity Pharmacology”

Community, “Asian Population Studies”

There's been a lot of discussion about the two different kinds of Community. It's not quite "3 Glees" worthy, but critics and fans can obviously see how this series can present us with high-concept, meta-driven episodes like "Epidemiology" and then follow it up with character-driven efforts like "Cooperative Calligraphy" or even  "Mixology Certification." What's interesting … Continue reading Community, “Asian Population Studies”

Community, “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”

As I was watching Community's glorious entry into the claymation Christmas canon last night, I couldn't help from thinking about my essay about the series that discusses Abed's popular culture-tinted worldview. Last night's episode is kind of an obvious example for the points I make in that long essay, but I'm not really sure that … Continue reading Community, “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”

“Hey, did you guys see Toy Story 3?” — Exploring pop culture as a catalyst for 21st century interpersonal relationships in NBC’s Community

Note: This is the "final draft" of an essay for my Television Comedy class at Bowling Green State University. It's posted here for the purposes of a makeshift, internet-powered peer review. I'll field any comments or emailed questions as they come in. If you read the whole thing, I really appreciate it. I intend to … Continue reading “Hey, did you guys see Toy Story 3?” — Exploring pop culture as a catalyst for 21st century interpersonal relationships in NBC’s Community

Community, “Mixology Certification”

I imagine that "Mixology Certification" is the most divisive episode of Community's second season. It's set outside of the safe Greendale walls, features little pop culture referencing and for the most part, isn't funny in the same kind of way all the "great" episodes of Community are. Instead, it features a fairly boiler-plate sitcom plot … Continue reading Community, “Mixology Certification”

Community, “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design”

After last week's epic, but ultimately small-in-scale episode, Community starts to build back upward with an episode that is heavy on the pop culture references, but doesn't explicitly reference certain texts or spend an entire episode focusing on that one genre/text/whatever. "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design" probably isn't the technically "best" episode of the season, … Continue reading Community, “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design”

Community, “Cooperative Calligraphy”

I've had some discussions with Community fans who have been a little disappointed by the first batch of S2 episodes because there's been a lot of "theme" episodes and little Greendale-heavy, smaller-scale episodes. If those people didn't love "Cooperative Calligraphy" I don't know what the heck to tell them. Dan Harmon said in an interview … Continue reading Community, “Cooperative Calligraphy”

Community, “Epidemiology”

Apologies for the delay in this write-up, it's been a busy couple of days. That's unfortunate, however, because "Epidemiology" is most certainly the highlight of Community's young second season and one of the best episodes the series has ever done. A few weeks ago, I wasn't too high on "Basic Rocket Science," the NASA-related episode … Continue reading Community, “Epidemiology”