Season Finale — The Killing, “Orpheus Descending”

This is going to be a slightly different kind of review, mostly because it's going to talk just as much about the reaction to the episode as it does the episode itself. If you've been on the site over the last week, you probably came across my frustrated rant about The Killing, pre-finale. After watching … Continue reading Season Finale — The Killing, “Orpheus Descending”

The Killing, “What You Have Left”

Note: I'm super-busy this week, but wanted to get down a few quick thoughts. I haven't written about The Killing for a few weeks. Part of that has to do with scheduling issues; I've been traveling the last two weekends. But perhaps more importantly, the last two episodes of the series haven't been particularly review-worthy. … Continue reading The Killing, “What You Have Left”

Series Premiere — The Killing, “Pilot” and “The Cage”

I've slowly recognized that reviewing pilots of big, anticipated series is sort of a frivolous game. By the time something like The Killing hits the airwaves like it did last night, it's been discussed so much and been reviewed so frequently, it's moderately difficult to think about the series in ways that the 923 reviews … Continue reading Series Premiere — The Killing, “Pilot” and “The Cage”