2011-2012 season wrap: Ranking the episodes of Glee’s third season

The 2011-2012 television season has been over for almost a couple of weeks now, which means a sufficient amount of time has passed and we are primed to reflect. Over the next handful of days, I will be producing some pieces and lists looking back on the season that was. I missed out on a…… Continue reading 2011-2012 season wrap: Ranking the episodes of Glee’s third season

Review: Glee, “On My Way”

Watching and writing about television is a pretty painless experience in the grand scheme of things. But disregarding the world’s real problems for a moment, watching and writing about Glee can be fairly traumatic, you guys. Every time I think the series has lost its way for good, it pulls me back in with a…… Continue reading Review: Glee, “On My Way”

Review: Glee, “Heart”

By now, you know that my schedule/workload/life changes keep me from writing as much as I would like here at TV Surveillance. Of all series I miss writing about, Glee someone still tops the list (well, since Community is still trapped out there in the ether). I don’t even understand how that’s really true, but…… Continue reading Review: Glee, “Heart”

Review: Glee, “The First Time”

When I read sometime last month that Glee would be doing an episode centered on Rachel and Kurt losing their respective virginities, I shuddered. A few times. Even though this season of Glee has been relatively solid (let’s just pretend last week’s episode never, ever happened OK?), I am always worried when the series decides…… Continue reading Review: Glee, “The First Time”

2010-2011 season wrap: Ranking the episodes of Glee’s second season

The other day, I mentioned that ranking the episodes of Community’s second season was one of the most difficult lists I had ever done. Doing a similar list of Glee’s second season was, well, less difficult. I wrote about Glee a lot this season and realized that I would really just be repeating myself if…… Continue reading 2010-2011 season wrap: Ranking the episodes of Glee’s second season

Glee, “Funeral”

Note: I’m traveling today, so this will probably be shorter than normal.  Glee has a problem with penultimate episodes, apparently. Last season, FOX swapped the intended penultimate episode “Theatricality” with “Funk” because they wanted the former’s Lady Gaga-centric content to line up with the release of the latest soundtrack. This of course brought us the…… Continue reading Glee, “Funeral”

Glee, “Prom Queen”

I don’t really hate spoilers. In today’s internet- and social media-powered landscape, spoilers are bound to happen. During the early seasons of Lost, I used to read spoilers on a regular basis until I realized that I was completely ruining my viewing experience. But Lost is a series that preyed so much on our lack of understanding…… Continue reading Glee, “Prom Queen”