Season Premiere Review: Justified, “The Gunfighter”

I’m a bit short on time today, but I wanted to jot down a few thoughts on the very-good season premiere of Justified. When series take the kind of leap in quality that Justified did in its second season (although I maintain that somehow, we’ve retroactively decided the first season isn’t that great and that’s … Continue reading Season Premiere Review: Justified, “The Gunfighter”

Season Finale — Justified, “Bloody Harlan”

"It's not your problem. Not today." I don't usually preface my reviews with quotes from the episode. It's something like a lot of good reviewers do (some regularly, some occasionally) and I guess it's a way for me to separate myself. The format of these kind of post-air reviews is mostly standardized now, that's my … Continue reading Season Finale — Justified, “Bloody Harlan”

Season Premiere — Justified, “The Moonshine War”

There was a lot to love about Justified's first season, but one of the things I found most impressive about those 13 episodes is how easily and quickly the series created the world of Harlan, Kentucky. Harlan is certainly a unique place and from very early on in the pilot episode, the series presented those … Continue reading Season Premiere — Justified, “The Moonshine War”