Pilot rapid-fire review: Unforgettable

The next couple weeks are going to be insane. There are so many new series debuting and unfortunately, there is only so much time in the day for me to write about television while balancing my “real” life. You know, the one I spend on Twitter. ANYWAY, I’m going to try to touch on each…… Continue reading Pilot rapid-fire review: Unforgettable

Test Pilot: File #5, Beverly Hills, 90210

Test Pilot #5: Beverly Hills, 90210 Debut date: October 4, 1990 Series legacy: The first teen drama to really explode on television (and perhaps the remotely successful teen drama, period), the origin for countless series of similar ilk and one of the biggest television-related phenomenons of all-time. Welcome to the newest regular feature here at…… Continue reading Test Pilot: File #5, Beverly Hills, 90210