Broadcast network power rankings — Week 1

Earlier this month, I wrote a post discussing the possible new features that would be coming to TV Surveillance and if you remember that (or just clicked on that link), you’ll know that Broadcast Network Power Rankings was not something mentioned. Truth is, I had originally hoped to keep up with all the new series…… Continue reading Broadcast network power rankings — Week 1

Series Premiere — Undercovers, “Pilot”

I’ve gone through a whirlwind of emotions with J.J. Abrams’ new spy series, Undercovers. Throughout the development process, I was excited, and why wouldn’t I be? It’s J.J. Abrams! The beautiful looking clips released during upfronts convinced me it was going to be a fun little series. Then, as the summer progressed, NBC kept showing…… Continue reading Series Premiere — Undercovers, “Pilot”

Series Premiere — Chase, “Pilot”

Chase is not the worst new series of the season (thus far, that glorious distinction lies with Outlaw) and the series’ pilot is certainly not terrible. It’s just derivative, boring and unable to bring anything new to the table. If I’m watching a new police/law procedural, I’m looking for one of two things: An interesting…… Continue reading Series Premiere — Chase, “Pilot”

Season Premiere — Chuck, “Chuck Versus the Anniversary”

Watching the Chuck season four premiere felt odd. After wanting that third season so badly and then having to wait until January to get it, the season three premiere felt much bigger and more anticipated. Having the series back so soon with relatively little fanfare (nearly every other series on Monday, returning or new, seemed…… Continue reading Season Premiere — Chuck, “Chuck Versus the Anniversary”

Series Premiere — Lone Star, “Pilot”

Lone Star is, without question, the best broadcast drama pilot I’ve seen since Friday Night Lights’ premiere back in 2006. That comparison is interesting (aside from the obvious inclusion of Adrianne Palicki in both casts and the Texas location), because while watching this episode, I felt some of the same feelings as I did when…… Continue reading Series Premiere — Lone Star, “Pilot”

Event pre-air musings: Haven’t we been down this road before?

On Monday, NBC’s much-publicized The Event debuts. I should be excited. The series wants to fill the void left by Lost and 24 by creating a dense, complicated thriller with a global scope and some sort of secret ongoing mythology. It features a ridiculously cryptic title and is powered by an effective/stupid advertising campaign, much…… Continue reading Event pre-air musings: Haven’t we been down this road before?

Nikita, “2.0”

Nikita’s pilot episode was fairly good, but the second episode, “2.0,” is a much better effort and perhaps a hopeful signal that the series is worth sticking with for a few  more weeks, at the least.A number of the plot points in “2.0” are standard fare and along the same lines of the pilot –…… Continue reading Nikita, “2.0”

Terriers, “Dog and Pony”

After a fantastic pilot episode, “Dog and Pony” proves that Terriers is going to be a must-watch new series this fall. The episode is fairly standalone in nature with only a few mentions of the Lindus case that Hank and Britt are now the prime witnesses in, but spending 45 minutes with these two guys…… Continue reading Terriers, “Dog and Pony”

Series Premiere — Outlaw, “Pilot”

Apologies for the hackneyed, bad-looking logo used for this post, but it’s all I could really find. But I guess that is fitting, since the people behind Outlaw used the same sort of logic.I have to admit that because I expected the worst based on reviews from people who have seen at least the first…… Continue reading Series Premiere — Outlaw, “Pilot”

Hellcats, “I Say A Little Prayer”

I can say with absolute certainty that I will not be writing about Hellcats every week or even somewhat regularly, but with this week still being a little light on new episodes, I figured what the heck. And it’s always good to check in and see how a series is looking after the pilot that…… Continue reading Hellcats, “I Say A Little Prayer”

Season Premiere — Survivor Nicaragua, “Young at Heart”

I don’t imagine that I’ll be posting my thoughts on Survivor Nicaragua each week, but it seemed logical to check in on the season during its premiere. This is especially true because of the season’s young vs. old gimmick and the participation of the famous football coach Jimmy Johnson. As expected, Johnson takes up a…… Continue reading Season Premiere — Survivor Nicaragua, “Young at Heart”

Series Premiere — Nikita, “Pilot”

Does the world need another iteration of the Nikita story? Absolutely not. Does the world need another television series about the twisty-turny lives of spies? Absolutely not. Do either of those facts keep the CW’s Nikita from being a solidly executed pilot? Absolutely not. Nikita is a fun, surprisingly complex pilot episode that suggests an…… Continue reading Series Premiere — Nikita, “Pilot”

Season Premiere — The Vampire Diaries, “The Return”

After my whirlwind, 2.5-day screening of The Vampire Diaries’ first season, I have been chomping at the bit for more. So I can only imagine how those of you waiting since May felt. No matter when we watched first or how long we waited, I think it’s safe to say that the season two premiere,…… Continue reading Season Premiere — The Vampire Diaries, “The Return”

Series Premiere — Terriers, “Pilot”

Obviously, pilot episodes have a lot of balls in the air. Good pilots have to set up the plot in the most broadest of ways. They have to present compelling characters who are interesting to watch. They have to create a sense of place that is worth enough to bring the audience back. And most…… Continue reading Series Premiere — Terriers, “Pilot”

Series Premiere — Hellcats, “A World Full of Strangers”

If you thought that Hellcats, the new CW series about collegiate competitive cheerleading, would do for that sport what Glee did for high school music programs, you had the same thought process as the creators of this series. Or perhaps I should say the same hopes, as Hellcats follows many of the same beats as the…… Continue reading Series Premiere — Hellcats, “A World Full of Strangers”