Review: Glee, “I Am Unicorn”

If Will Schuester runs for public office against Sue Sylvester I will burn down Fox Television Studios, never watch television again and quit Twitter. Glee has had some terrible ideas in its first two-plus years on the air, but the political campaign portion of season three is already at the top of the list. Having … Continue reading Review: Glee, “I Am Unicorn”

Season Premiere review — Glee, “The Purple Piano Project”

Glee is a formulaic series. For all its insanity, uneven character work and ridiculous logic, we pretty much know exactly what to expect from the series on a weekly basis. Ryan Murphy and company have pin-pointed a few things that they think the audience enjoys and they just keep hammering away with them. This isn’t … Continue reading Season Premiere review — Glee, “The Purple Piano Project”