Review: Glee, “On My Way”

Watching and writing about television is a pretty painless experience in the grand scheme of things. But disregarding the world’s real problems for a moment, watching and writing about Glee can be fairly traumatic, you guys. Every time I think the series has lost its way for good, it pulls me back in with a…… Continue reading Review: Glee, “On My Way”

Review: Glee, “I Kissed A Girl”

Despite all its issues, Glee has had a lot of success with exploring the challenges of being gay. I have some issues with how and why Kurt jumped to Dalton last year, but the only good part of season two was his season-long journey to coming out and self-acceptance. The series took Kurt’s challenges and…… Continue reading Review: Glee, “I Kissed A Girl”

Review: Glee, “Mash Off”

Glee has never been a consistent series. Even in the now-halcyon days of the first 13 episodes, the series stumbled on a fairly consistent basis, it just happened to get the raw, emotionally wrenching moments right more often. One of the biggest problems with season two was its wild inconsistency, not across episodes, but within…… Continue reading Review: Glee, “Mash Off”

Review: Glee, “The First Time”

When I read sometime last month that Glee would be doing an episode centered on Rachel and Kurt losing their respective virginities, I shuddered. A few times. Even though this season of Glee has been relatively solid (let’s just pretend last week’s episode never, ever happened OK?), I am always worried when the series decides…… Continue reading Review: Glee, “The First Time”

TV Surveillance Podcast Episode 9 — Will Schuester is a horrible person

In the latest edition of the TV Surveillance Podcast, I’m joined by my buddy Austin Morris for a discussion of all things Glee. Remember, you can subscribe to the TVS Podcast on iTunes, if you like.

Review: Glee, “Asian F”

In my review of the Glee season three premiere a few weeks ago, I spent some time talking about how formulaic the series’ has tended to be. For some reason, instead of trying new things with the characters, the production staff loves to have them repeat similar or near-exact stories that worked (and worked better)…… Continue reading Review: Glee, “Asian F”

Review: Glee, “I Am Unicorn”

If Will Schuester runs for public office against Sue Sylvester I will burn down Fox Television Studios, never watch television again and quit Twitter. Glee has had some terrible ideas in its first two-plus years on the air, but the political campaign portion of season three is already at the top of the list. Having…… Continue reading Review: Glee, “I Am Unicorn”