Season Finale — Cougar Town, “Something Good Coming”

If there was ever a series tailor-made for the Hawaii vacation episode(s), it has to be Cougar Town, right? Taking a band of goofballs who sit around drinking and playing stupid games in Florida and putting them in another beautiful, warm location doesn't really change much, thankfully. "Something Good Coming" not only keeps the series … Continue reading Season Finale — Cougar Town, “Something Good Coming”

Cougar Town, “Free Fallin'”

Cougar Town is most certainly a goofy, sometimes weird comedy. I usually enjoy those zany parts of the series, but I'll be the first to admit that sometimes Town goes a little too far into the broad humor that reminds me of some of the lesser episodes of Scrubs. I mean those really bad episodes of … Continue reading Cougar Town, “Free Fallin'”

Cougar Town, “Lonesome Sundown”

Apologies for not getting to this sooner. I honestly forgot about it, which is sort of unfortunate because I really enjoyed "Lonesome Sundown." This is probably my favorite or second favorite episode of the season. It's up there with "You Don't Know How It Feels" for sure. A few episodes ago, Cougar Town introduced Chekov's engagement … Continue reading Cougar Town, “Lonesome Sundown”

Cougar Town, “You’re Gonna Get It”

Producing 22 episodes of comedy isn't easy. Every season, it is probable that two or three episodes won't be completely awesome, even for the best series. These episodes don't necessarily have to be terrible, but they're just at a slightly lower quality than the rest. Last night's episode of Cougar Town, "You're Gonna Get It," … Continue reading Cougar Town, “You’re Gonna Get It”

Cougar Town, “Lost Children”

Last night's Cougar Town was a weird one. In a lot of ways, the episode felt poorly constructed and more random than the series usually is, particularly in the set-up of its main dramatic tension framework. The jokes weren't too great either. However, "Lost Children" continued to explore the series' most central conceit: How awful … Continue reading Cougar Town, “Lost Children”

Cougar Town, “Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It)”

Last week's episode felt like a turning point in the second season of Cougar Town. The first batch of episodes, while overwhelmingly fun, were sometimes clunky, scattered in interested in too many things at once to really get a good grip on what the season was going to be moving forward aside from people playing … Continue reading Cougar Town, “Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It)”

Cougar Town, “Keeping Me Alive”

Because Cougar Town recalibrated in the middle of its first season, it's in a weird position here early in season two. The writers seem interested in going back to certain stories from the early- to mid-part of the series as some weird way of going forward the character development, but by doing so, they're overtly acknowledging … Continue reading Cougar Town, “Keeping Me Alive”