Glee, “Prom Queen”

I don't really hate spoilers. In today's internet- and social media-powered landscape, spoilers are bound to happen. During the early seasons of Lost, I used to read spoilers on a regular basis until I realized that I was completely ruining my viewing experience. But Lost is a series that preyed so much on our lack of understanding … Continue reading Glee, “Prom Queen”

Glee, “Rumours”

Before "Rumours" aired last night, I tweeted that I had this weird feeling that the final string of episodes was going to be pretty strong. Despite my issues with the length (and the subsequent Kurt lovefest that resulted because of it), I thought last week's episode was very good and it set up a number … Continue reading Glee, “Rumours”

The show about nothing — The problem with Glee’s second season

A few of the series I regularly cover here at TVS are on hiatus this week. In lieu of writing reviews of new episodes, I thought this would be a good time to take stock of where we’ve been this season and where we’re headed in the final string of episodes. In these posts I’ll … Continue reading The show about nothing — The problem with Glee’s second season

Glee, “Special Education”

Glee's competition episodes should be a big event. Of all the things the series does really well, it's big, celebratory moments. Those moments don't require any subtlety and instead the series can just revel in grand gestures, lots of smiles and soaring hooks. The wedding sequences last week we just wonderful, despite the angelic rendering of … Continue reading Glee, “Special Education”