Human Target, “The Trouble With Harry”

And we're back for another episode of Human Target this week, also known as FOX Putting The Series Out Of Its Misery Week! This is the penultimate episode of season two and well, it's not very good. While I was watching "The Trouble With Harry" I found myself enjoying it. Then I thought about it … Continue reading Human Target, “The Trouble With Harry”

Human Target, “Kill Bob”

Poor Human Target. Not only has it been constantly shuffled around on the schedule because FOX really has no confidence in it (and for good reason), but it hasĀ been heavily criticized by its small band of S1 fans. Those circumstances make last night's special viewing of "Kill Bob" sort of interesting -- or disappointing, depending … Continue reading Human Target, “Kill Bob”

Human Target, “Imbroglio” and “Cool Hand Guerrero”

Due to President Obama's presence at the Tuscon memorial, FOX postponed Human Target last Wednesday, only they forgot to tell anyone until around 9 p.m. eastern time. They clearly care a lot about this series. Eventually, these two episodes were scheduled for Friday (more confidence!). And due to my desire to not spend two hours … Continue reading Human Target, “Imbroglio” and “Cool Hand Guerrero”

Human Target, “A Problem Like Maria” and “Communication Breakdown”

Fans of the first season of Human Target are not enjoying the new season. Zack Handlen over the A.V. Club hasn't been too kind and as someone who hasn't seen most of the first season, I can't really judge or complain. But as a first-time viewer, I can't really find a whole lot to complain … Continue reading Human Target, “A Problem Like Maria” and “Communication Breakdown”

Human Target, “The Return of Baptiste”

Apologies for the delay in this write-up, I've been swamped with end of the semester business and unfortunately, that will continue for the next week or so. I'll try to have some things pre-written, but it's going to be light around these parts for a while I think. Anyway, this week's Human Target? Pretty great, … Continue reading Human Target, “The Return of Baptiste”

Season Premiere — Human Target, “Ilsa Pucci”

Writing about the Human Target season two premiere is particularly interesting to me for a few reasons. First of all, I have rarely, if ever, just jumped into a series without seeing most of the episodes leading up to said jump-in point. I literally can't think of any series that I've done that with in … Continue reading Season Premiere — Human Target, “Ilsa Pucci”