Test Pilot: File #39, Kings

Test Pilot #39: Kings Debut date: March 15, 2009 Series legacy: Yet another one of NBC’s failed late-aughts drama series Welcome back to Test Pilot guys and gals! With that extra-special Joss Whedon Theme Week behind us, it’s time to fall back into the typical, but still lovely rhythms of the feature. Today, we continue … Continue reading Test Pilot: File #39, Kings

Test Pilot: File #24, Quantum Leap

Test Pilot #24: Quantum Leap Debut date: March 26, 1989 Series legacy: Well-respected science fiction series with a (surprising to me) rabid fan base It’s time for a new theme in the site’s most popular ongoing feature, Test Pilot. The primary reason I started this feature almost a year ago was so that I could … Continue reading Test Pilot: File #24, Quantum Leap

Innovations, er, “Innovations” from broadcast networks — NBC

Curious as to what this all means? Read my introduction to this multi-post series. Again, this whole "project" has gone on too long, but with classes finally wrapping up, I should be able to bash out the final post here in a few days. But first: America's favorite network, NBC! Did things really go as … Continue reading Innovations, er, “Innovations” from broadcast networks — NBC