TV Surveillance’s Best of 2010: The 25 Best Series, 25-11

2010 has been a fantastic year for television. This year brought us a slew of great new programs and if we include the second halves of all the series that debuted in the fall of 2009 (which I am for these features), we have probably just experienced the best run of newbies since 2004. While…… Continue reading TV Surveillance’s Best of 2010: The 25 Best Series, 25-11

Glee, “A Very Glee Christmas”

If there’s any series that should be able to integrate the overwhelming joy that is supposed to come from Christmas specials, it’s Glee. The combination just seems so obvious, which is perhaps why I can’t really say that I’ll be too critical of this episode. But at the same time, there needs to be some…… Continue reading Glee, “A Very Glee Christmas”

Glee, “Special Education”

Glee’s competition episodes should be a big event. Of all the things the series does really well, it’s big, celebratory moments. Those moments don’t require any subtlety and instead the series can just revel in grand gestures, lots of smiles and soaring hooks. The wedding sequences last week we just wonderful, despite the angelic rendering of…… Continue reading Glee, “Special Education”

Glee, “Furt”

Marrying the conclusion of Glee’s “bullying trilogy” with an extremely fun celebration of a wedding is one of the weirder mash-ups the series has done over its run, but despite a number of issues — doesn’t every episode of Glee have a number of issues? — “Furt” pulls things together in such a way that…… Continue reading Glee, “Furt”

Glee, “The Substitute”

The last two episodes of Glee have been generally awful. I mean just dreadful, two of the worst in the series’ run. Perhaps it’s because of that — though not only because of that, as I’ll argue — that I found “The Substitute” to be an insanely fun episode of the series, despite it’s very,…… Continue reading Glee, “The Substitute”

Glee, “Never Been Kissed”

On the surface, one could make an argument that Glee has always been interested in the bullying that happens in high schools — or at least its fictional Ohio high school — and so with the horrible outbreak of bullying-related suicides, particularly by homosexuals, the series seemed like the prime candidate to spread a “message”…… Continue reading Glee, “Never Been Kissed”

Quick thoughts on Conan’s new show, Conan

After months of anticipation, loads of great Twitter bits, zero shows and 10,000 free t-shirts, Conan O’Brien finally debuted his TBS talk show, Conan tonight. Critics, fans and anyone with a remote interest in television of the late night variety wondered how Conan would mold his personality to the basic cable network, 11 p.m., etc.…… Continue reading Quick thoughts on Conan’s new show, Conan

Glee, “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”

I’ll be the first to admit that I have not seen “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” the cult phenomenon that supposedly inspired last night’s Glee. And I’d like to say that unfamiliarity helped me enjoy “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” instead of experiencing it as a fan of the film and being wholly disappointed. However,…… Continue reading Glee, “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”

Glee, “Duets”

Character consistency is an important concept to any television series, particularly dramas. We want the people on-screen to be themselves each week, even if that includes slight variations and ultimately development, along the way. But for most of its run, Glee hasn’t been concerned with such concepts. The series has traded in character consistency and…… Continue reading Glee, “Duets”

Glee, “Grilled Cheesus”

With a sensitive subject that deserves subtly, “Grilled Cheesus” could have been much, much worse. Glee and religion seems like such an awful pairing considering the series’ desire to tell stories without an ounce of subtly or nuance, but this episode is surprisingly solid, with a clear direction and message without getting too bogged down…… Continue reading Glee, “Grilled Cheesus”

Glee, “Britney/Brittany”

It’s easy to going into Glee’s second episode dedicated fully to a specific pop artist with a critical eye. Focusing on another pop star in Britney Spears doesn’t exactly ring true with Ryan Murphy’s claim for a more personal Glee that focuses on the characters. And once the word came down that most of the…… Continue reading Glee, “Britney/Brittany”

Season Premiere — Glee, “Audition”

Like many critics and faux-critics, I had a number of issues with the back-nine of Glee’s first season. And the events of the summer — additional cast members, more theme episodes and Ryan Murphy’s hyperbole about dialing it back — there wasn’t a lot to suggest things were going to improve. If there is any…… Continue reading Season Premiere — Glee, “Audition”

Fall TV Preview: Four returning series that have something to prove

The fall television season is just about to begin! To celebrate, I’ll be doing a series of fun features and previews for both returning and brand-new series. I have not seen any of the new pilots or premieres from veteran series, and thus the quotes around preview. No matter, that won’t stop me from doing…… Continue reading Fall TV Preview: Four returning series that have something to prove

Huh? Reflections on the 2010 Emmy Awards

The 62 Annual Emmy Awards just wrapped up a few minutes ago, and if there’s one thing I’ll say about this telecast: It was far from boring. Well, at least the first 90 minutes weren’t boring. I did a live blog for the folks over at TV Overmind (you can check out that out here…… Continue reading Huh? Reflections on the 2010 Emmy Awards

2010 Emmy Predictions: Lead Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series

In case you didn’t know (because I sure as heck didn’t until I saw something the latest Entertainment Weekly), the Primetime Emmy Awards air on Sunday, August 29 on NBC. In the glow of some great nominations and not too many ridiculous slights (I’m resigned to the fact that Sons of Anarchy won’t get its due),…… Continue reading 2010 Emmy Predictions: Lead Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series