Sons of Anarchy, “Firinne”

It might have taken most of the season, but Sons of Anarchy's third season is finally resembling the heights of season two, as "Firinne" feels like both the culmination of a lot of frustrating times for Jax and us at home and a launching pad for some interesting things to come in the final three episodes. After the … Continue reading Sons of Anarchy, “Firinne”

Sons of Anarchy, “Turas”

I haven't checked in with Sons of Anarchy for a couple of weeks because I've still been generally disappointed with the direction of this season, but I had planned on writing up some musings on "Turas" no matter how good or bad it turned out to be. Thankfully, last night's episode felt more propulsive and … Continue reading Sons of Anarchy, “Turas”