Series Premiere Review: Smash

  It is difficult to think or talk about Smash without considering the context of its much-awaited arrival to television. Despite what still-new NBC honcho Robert Greenblatt says about the series’ ultimate impact on the fate of the Peacock network, Smash is a supremely important property. In fact, I would say that this is the … Continue reading Series Premiere Review: Smash

2011 Dream Emmy Ballot: Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series

It’s that time again, folks. The Emmy nominations will be announced on July 14, which means I have almost an entire month to flood this space with hopes, dreams and predictions about what could happen come nomination time. To kick things off, I’ll be bringing back the Dream Emmy Ballot. It’s something I did last … Continue reading 2011 Dream Emmy Ballot: Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series

Season Finale — Rubicon, “You Can Never Win”

When Rubicon debuted, it clearly wanted to be a 24-style conspiracy thriller with '70s leanings, but the pilot didn't seem too interested in focusing on the characters as much as the multi-layered plotline. Once Henry Bromell came on and figured out what the series should be by episode four, Rubicon became a totally different and … Continue reading Season Finale — Rubicon, “You Can Never Win”

Rubicon, “A Good Day’s Work”

Rubicon has been working with an intense, slow-burning formula for a while now and that's been wonderful to watch. The pieces have been slowly coming together in the background while individual episodes have focused more on the quirky characters working at API. That's been an effective strategy on an individual episode level, but really rears … Continue reading Rubicon, “A Good Day’s Work”

Rubicon, “In Whom We Trust”

When Rubicon began, I was fairly hooked just because I like conspiracy stories and thus had less problems with the pilot episode than others. But as the series has transitioned away from a conspiracy- and mystery-heavy series, or at least balanced those elements with more procedural, character-based fare, Rubicon has quickly gone from good to great to … Continue reading Rubicon, “In Whom We Trust”

Rubicon, “The Truth Will Out”

I know I've been singing Rubicon's praises in recent posts, but Sunday's effort, "The Truth Will Out" is most certainly the finest episode the ever-improving series has done thus far. We already know that Rubicon can craft an atmosphere of intrigue, suffocation and confusion, but this episode takes all those elements to another level by … Continue reading Rubicon, “The Truth Will Out”