Review: Justified, “Cut Ties”

I’m short on time again today, but I wanted to put down a few short thoughts on last night’s Justified. If you were to say that Justified had one weakness in its first two seasons (primarily in its first, though), it would be how the series handled the supporting characters who work with Raylan in … Continue reading Review: Justified, “Cut Ties”

Season Premiere Review: Justified, “The Gunfighter”

I’m a bit short on time today, but I wanted to jot down a few thoughts on the very-good season premiere of Justified. When series take the kind of leap in quality that Justified did in its second season (although I maintain that somehow, we’ve retroactively decided the first season isn’t that great and that’s … Continue reading Season Premiere Review: Justified, “The Gunfighter”

Season Finale — Justified, “Bloody Harlan”

"It's not your problem. Not today." I don't usually preface my reviews with quotes from the episode. It's something like a lot of good reviewers do (some regularly, some occasionally) and I guess it's a way for me to separate myself. The format of these kind of post-air reviews is mostly standardized now, that's my … Continue reading Season Finale — Justified, “Bloody Harlan”

Season Premiere — Justified, “The Moonshine War”

There was a lot to love about Justified's first season, but one of the things I found most impressive about those 13 episodes is how easily and quickly the series created the world of Harlan, Kentucky. Harlan is certainly a unique place and from very early on in the pilot episode, the series presented those … Continue reading Season Premiere — Justified, “The Moonshine War”