Season Premiere review — House, “Twenty Vicodin”

House is pretty much out of ideas at this point. The series spent the majority of last season focusing on the House-Cuddy relationship, a decision that made half the audience swoon and the other half vomit. I was somewhere in the middle on Huddy, but it always sort of felt like if the series was … Continue reading Season Premiere review — House, “Twenty Vicodin”

Season Finale — House, “Moving On”

For a season finale, "Moving On" is not an entirely exciting episode. In fact, this episode includes one of the season's most obvious commitments to a medical case. At various points of the episode, I found myself just slightly bored with the proceedings. But despite all of that, "Moving On" is exactly what House ends as … Continue reading Season Finale — House, “Moving On”

#TVFail Entry 2: House, “Simple Explanation”

The accused: House, "Simple Explanation" (Season 5, Episode 20) The crime: Presenting a terribly manipulative version of the "Very Special Episode" gimmick. Television’s failures are supposed to be obvious. From the overhyped non-starters that flop from the very beginning (hello, FlashForward, Lone Star) to the much-discussed clumsy conclusions of series we were convinced had it all planned … Continue reading #TVFail Entry 2: House, “Simple Explanation”

House, “Out of the Chute”

After last week's controversial episode, House and House could have gone a number of troubling directions. I suspected "Out of the Chute" would be overly melodramatic and annoying and since the series has gone this troubling route in the past, there was an outside chance that this episode didn't actually deal with the fall-out of the … Continue reading House, “Out of the Chute”