Review: Luther, Season Two

Luther returned for its second season on BBC America last night. The episodes aired this summer in the UK and I, well, procured and watched them during that time. I’m not going to write weekly reviews about this season’s four episodes for a couple of reasons: I don’t have enough time and I wasn’t particularly…… Continue reading Review: Luther, Season Two

Luther, “Episode Six”

Luther started immensely strong and then unfortunately toiled away in solid, but not tremendously so procedural fare for a few episodes before then flipping the switch on the crazy last week. In the finale to this series’ six-part first run, that sense of crazy continued a nice pace without going too far off the deep…… Continue reading Luther, “Episode Six”

Luther, “Episode Five”

Luther has been in something of a slump over its past two episodes, and after episode four, I wondered if the last two episodes of this first season (I believe they’re doing a few 2-hour movie event things in the future) would be even close to as interesting as the first hour. Well, after “Episode…… Continue reading Luther, “Episode Five”