White Collar, “Unfinished Business”

I've been in the midst of a move, so some of these recaps are noticeably late. Apologies. Anyway, another strong episode of White Collar this week, right? Procedurals like this often rely on guest stars (though White Collar has an exceptionally strong center with Bomer, DeKay and crew) that can come in and mix things … Continue reading White Collar, “Unfinished Business”

White Collar, “By The Book”

With procedurals and lighter fare, the easiest way to mix things up a little bit is to re-position the lens of focus onto a supporting player and this week, White Collar dips into that pool with a Mozzie-centric episode. For the most part, this season of White Collar hasn't been stale in any way so … Continue reading White Collar, “By The Book”

White Collar, “Need to Know” and “Copycat Caffrey”

Again, Comic-Con 2010 = lack of watching and recapping, so this is a two-fer post on both last week's and last night's White Collar episodes. Much like last season, the ongoing mythology of the series isn't kind of a bore. Neal seems like he's on the outside looking in right now while Peter and Diana … Continue reading White Collar, “Need to Know” and “Copycat Caffrey”