Raising Hope, “Burt Rocks”

I haven't checked in with Raising Hope since the "Happy Halloween"/"Family Secrets" double feature almost a month ago, but that's not because I haven't been watching. Well, that's not true, as I missed last week's episode due to Thanksgiving travel. In any event, Raising Hope is still damn good fun and much, much better than … Continue reading Raising Hope, “Burt Rocks”

Raising Hope, “Happy Halloween” and “Family Secrets”

One-hour blocks of a specific comedy series always annoy me. Either the block is filled with one full episode that stretches the material way too thin and ultimately makes you wish it was just 30 minutes -- like countless episodes of The office -- or the network has randomly selected to air two non-connecting episodes … Continue reading Raising Hope, “Happy Halloween” and “Family Secrets”

Raising Hope, “Say Cheese” and Running Wilde, “The Junior Affair”

If you're a comedy that desires to wrap things up with something of a happy ending each week, there's a fine line to tight-rope. As I've discussed¬†relentlessly¬†over the past few weeks, there seems to be a need to execute this approach in all the recent comedies, and that's fine, but it's really all about the … Continue reading Raising Hope, “Say Cheese” and Running Wilde, “The Junior Affair”

Raising Hope, “Dream Hoarders” and Running Wilde, “Oil & Water”

More so than new dramas, new comedies need time to grow, time to tinker, time to generally figure out what the hell the series is going to be about and where the jokes are going to come from. It's easy to hate comedies if they're not unbelievably funny from the get-go, but in practice, that … Continue reading Raising Hope, “Dream Hoarders” and Running Wilde, “Oil & Water”