2011-2012 season wrap: Ranking the episodes of Glee’s third season

The 2011-2012 television season has been over for almost a couple of weeks now, which means a sufficient amount of time has passed and we are primed to reflect. Over the next handful of days, I will be producing some pieces and lists looking back on the season that was. I missed out on a…… Continue reading 2011-2012 season wrap: Ranking the episodes of Glee’s third season

Review: Glee, “On My Way”

Watching and writing about television is a pretty painless experience in the grand scheme of things. But disregarding the world’s real problems for a moment, watching and writing about Glee can be fairly traumatic, you guys. Every time I think the series has lost its way for good, it pulls me back in with a…… Continue reading Review: Glee, “On My Way”

Review: Glee, “Heart”

By now, you know that my schedule/workload/life changes keep me from writing as much as I would like here at TV Surveillance. Of all series I miss writing about, Glee someone still tops the list (well, since Community is still trapped out there in the ether). I don’t even understand how that’s really true, but…… Continue reading Review: Glee, “Heart”

Review: Glee, “Hold on to Sixteen”

At this point, there are so many problems with Glee that is much easier to just say “it sucks!” and move on. Fortunately (or more likely, unfortunately) for you folks, I am much more verbose than that, and I am also so intrigued by the reasons that Glee has so many problems that I cannot…… Continue reading Review: Glee, “Hold on to Sixteen”

Review: Glee, “I Kissed A Girl”

Despite all its issues, Glee has had a lot of success with exploring the challenges of being gay. I have some issues with how and why Kurt jumped to Dalton last year, but the only good part of season two was his season-long journey to coming out and self-acceptance. The series took Kurt’s challenges and…… Continue reading Review: Glee, “I Kissed A Girl”

2010-2011 season wrap: Ranking the episodes of Glee’s second season

The other day, I mentioned that ranking the episodes of Community’s second season was one of the most difficult lists I had ever done. Doing a similar list of Glee’s second season was, well, less difficult. I wrote about Glee a lot this season and realized that I would really just be repeating myself if…… Continue reading 2010-2011 season wrap: Ranking the episodes of Glee’s second season

Season Finale — Glee, “New York”

Earlier this year, The A.V. Club’s Todd Van Der Werff wrote a great piece with an unfortunate, yet completely valid headline. It reads, “Community and Glee are pretty much the same show.” Obviously, the headline alone was enough to send the AVC community into a tizzy, but Todd’s piece is basically completely on-point. The first…… Continue reading Season Finale — Glee, “New York”

Glee, “Funeral”

Note: I’m traveling today, so this will probably be shorter than normal.  Glee has a problem with penultimate episodes, apparently. Last season, FOX swapped the intended penultimate episode “Theatricality” with “Funk” because they wanted the former’s Lady Gaga-centric content to line up with the release of the latest soundtrack. This of course brought us the…… Continue reading Glee, “Funeral”

Glee, “Prom Queen”

I don’t really hate spoilers. In today’s internet- and social media-powered landscape, spoilers are bound to happen. During the early seasons of Lost, I used to read spoilers on a regular basis until I realized that I was completely ruining my viewing experience. But Lost is a series that preyed so much on our lack of understanding…… Continue reading Glee, “Prom Queen”

Glee, “Rumours”

Before “Rumours” aired last night, I tweeted that I had this weird feeling that the final string of episodes was going to be pretty strong. Despite my issues with the length (and the subsequent Kurt lovefest that resulted because of it), I thought last week’s episode was very good and it set up a number…… Continue reading Glee, “Rumours”

Glee, “Born This Way”

When it was announced a month or so ago, I just assumed a 90-minute episode of Glee would be one of the worst things ever. Some of the episodes from this season have felt extremely long within the 42 minute structure, so I couldn’t even really imagine having to deal with another 20 minutes. Ultimately,…… Continue reading Glee, “Born This Way”

The show about nothing — The problem with Glee’s second season

A few of the series I regularly cover here at TVS are on hiatus this week. In lieu of writing reviews of new episodes, I thought this would be a good time to take stock of where we’ve been this season and where we’re headed in the final string of episodes. In these posts I’ll…… Continue reading The show about nothing — The problem with Glee’s second season

Glee, “Original Song”

If there’s one thing that Glee has consistently done well is the competition episodes. “Sectionals” is one of the top five episodes in the series’ short run on the air, “Journey” worked wonders in spite of itself and I actually found season two’s Sectionals episode “Special Education” to be pretty damn good as well. Of…… Continue reading Glee, “Original Song”

Glee, “Sexy”

At this point, I have resigned myself to the fact that Glee is only going to produce episodes like “Duets” on rare occasions and the rest of the time, the series is going to be horribly messy, swinging from one extreme to another. As a viewer and “critic,” watching Glee has become something of an…… Continue reading Glee, “Sexy”

Glee, “Blame It on the Alcohol”

I’ve already gone back and forth on “Blame It on the Alcohol” a few times since it finished airing here almost four hours ago. While I was watching it, I kind of liked it. Then afterwards, I kind of hated it. Then I went back and forth a few more times before just decided to…… Continue reading Glee, “Blame It on the Alcohol”