Test Pilot: File #57, The Unit

Test Pilot #57: The Unit  Debut date: March 7, 2006 Series legacy: Professionally made CBS procedural Hey party people. Welcome back to Test Pilot. Hopefully you've enjoy this theme thus far (if you haven't yet, please check out the files on Sleeper Cell and Over There). There are only four entries (as opposed to the now-fairly standard five) so we are … Continue reading Test Pilot: File #57, The Unit

Test Pilot: File #56, Over There

Test Pilot #56: Over There Debut date: July 27, 2005 Series legacy: A seemingly forgotten, only barely controversial look at soldiers’ lives in Iraq Welcome back to Test Pilot, friends and foes. We’re rolling through our latest theme on War on Terror television. Hopefully you enjoyed the piece on Sleeper Cell from last time. If … Continue reading Test Pilot: File #56, Over There

Pilot rapid-fire review: Up All Night and Free Agents

The next couple weeks are going to be insane. There are so many new series debuting and unfortunately, there is only so much time in the day for me to write about television while balancing my “real” life. You know, the one I spend on Twitter. ANYWAY, I’m going to try to touch on each … Continue reading Pilot rapid-fire review: Up All Night and Free Agents

Test Pilot: File #21, thirtysomething

Test Pilot #21: thirtysomething Debut date: September 29, 1987 Series legacy: One of the most-respected family dramas of all-time, a precursor to the likes of Friday Night Lights and Parenthood It's time for a new theme in the site's most popular ongoing feature, Test Pilot. The primary reason I started this feature almost a year ago … Continue reading Test Pilot: File #21, thirtysomething

Series Premiere — Necessary Roughness, “Pilot”

Necessary Roughness is a weird program. The pilot episode doesn't particularly feel USA-like no matter how the cable giant wants to market the series and so much of this episode's story feels...complete. I'm never one to complain about a pilot episode actually feeling like a solid, standalone narrative, but I'm not really sure what Roughness presented … Continue reading Series Premiere — Necessary Roughness, “Pilot”

Season/Series Premieres — Louie, “Pregnant” and Wilfred, “Happiness”

I'm swamped tonight so this dual review is going to be a bit short. Apologies or you're welcome, depending on how you typically view my reviews! Comedies are supposed to be funny. This is a general rule that like to live by, but the world of television sure does love to muck up the already … Continue reading Season/Series Premieres — Louie, “Pregnant” and Wilfred, “Happiness”

Series Premiere — The Killing, “Pilot” and “The Cage”

I've slowly recognized that reviewing pilots of big, anticipated series is sort of a frivolous game. By the time something like The Killing hits the airwaves like it did last night, it's been discussed so much and been reviewed so frequently, it's moderately difficult to think about the series in ways that the 923 reviews … Continue reading Series Premiere — The Killing, “Pilot” and “The Cage”

Series Premiere — Mr. Sunshine, “Pilot”

Of all the Friends actors, it always seemed like Matthew Perry would be the one to strike the balance between sheer popularity (like Jennifer Aniston) and just straight-up talent (probably like Lisa Kudrow, though she's not my kind of taste). Aniston and probably Courtney Cox were always meant to be more famous, but Matthew Perry … Continue reading Series Premiere — Mr. Sunshine, “Pilot”

Series Premiere — The Chicago Code, “Pilot”

Because Shawn Ryan's new police drama on FOX was up for the network's fall schedule last spring, it feels like we've been talking about and waiting for The Chicago Code (formerly Ride-Along) for a very long time and the anticipation has been building. This has probably only been compounded by the fact that Shawn Ryan's other … Continue reading Series Premiere — The Chicago Code, “Pilot”

Series Premiere — Perfect Couples, “Pilot”

NBC's newest comedy Perfect Couples is in a great position. Despite the mishandled "preview" screening after the end of The Sing Off before the end of 2010, the series is still getting the cozy post-Community, pre-Office slot in the three-hour super-block of comedy. This presumably means that a good number of people will be watching … Continue reading Series Premiere — Perfect Couples, “Pilot”

Series Premiere — Lights Out, “Pilot”

In television, we're always looking for innovation. So many of the new programs that make it to the airwaves are watered down, remade, reimagined or fairly generalized versions of things we have already seen. When something mostly original comes around, we tend to make a big deal of out of it (see: Lost, The Sopranos, Survivor). An … Continue reading Series Premiere — Lights Out, “Pilot”