Review: Glee, “I Kissed A Girl”

Despite all its issues, Glee has had a lot of success with exploring the challenges of being gay. I have some issues with how and why Kurt jumped to Dalton last year, but the only good part of season two was his season-long journey to coming out and self-acceptance. The series took Kurt’s challenges and … Continue reading Review: Glee, “I Kissed A Girl”

Review: Glee, “The First Time”

When I read sometime last month that Glee would be doing an episode centered on Rachel and Kurt losing their respective virginities, I shuddered. A few times. Even though this season of Glee has been relatively solid (let’s just pretend last week’s episode never, ever happened OK?), I am always worried when the series decides … Continue reading Review: Glee, “The First Time”

Season Premiere review — Glee, “The Purple Piano Project”

Glee is a formulaic series. For all its insanity, uneven character work and ridiculous logic, we pretty much know exactly what to expect from the series on a weekly basis. Ryan Murphy and company have pin-pointed a few things that they think the audience enjoys and they just keep hammering away with them. This isn’t … Continue reading Season Premiere review — Glee, “The Purple Piano Project”