Terriers, “Agua Caliente”

After two episodes with more obvious thematic concerns (not that that's a bad thing), "Agua Caliente" feels more like a twisty and turny Terriers episode that still makes sure we know exactly what the writers are trying to explore. Here, the topic of concern is partnerships, both old (Hank and Gustafson, Britt and Ray) and … Continue reading Terriers, “Agua Caliente”

Terriers, “Missing Persons”

For the second straight week, Terriers dips into the standalone pool with a story that intensely mirrors the lives of the lead characters. While last week's case mirrored Britt and Katie's relationship, "Missing Persons" focuses on Hank and Steph, to almost the same amount of effectiveness. There is some risk in continuing to go down … Continue reading Terriers, “Missing Persons”

Terriers, “Change Partners”

Just like yesterday, I'm still playing catch-up with the exciting amount of new television in front of me, so apologies for just now getting to Wednesday's stellar Terriers, which should definitely calm any concerns about the series' ability to tell standalone stories or even the lesser concerns about the weight of the stories being told. … Continue reading Terriers, “Change Partners”

Fall TV “Preview”: Gauging my excitement for all of fall’s new series

The fall television season is just about to begin! To celebrate, I’ll be doing a series of fun features and previews for both returning and brand-new series. I have not seen any of the new pilots or premieres from veteran series, and thus the quotes around preview. No matter, that won’t stop me from doing … Continue reading Fall TV “Preview”: Gauging my excitement for all of fall’s new series