#TVFail Entry 19: Smallville, “Reckoning”

The accused: Smallville, “Reckoning” (Season 5, Episode 12) The crime: Sending its lead character on an aimless, never-ending path of self-loathing How much impact, both positive and negative, can one bad episode have on an entire series? How do long-running series continue onward in the aftermath of an episodic failure? Is it possible that individual, … Continue reading #TVFail Entry 19: Smallville, “Reckoning”

2009-10 season wrap: Smallville

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be summarizing my thoughts on many of the series that ended just as the “official” television season came to a close recently. Overview: Season eight of the series turned towards a new direction without Lex and Lana and suddenly made us remember that Smallville could be good again. After … Continue reading 2009-10 season wrap: Smallville