#TVFail Entry 9: The West Wing, “Isaac and Ishmael”

The accused: The West Wing, “Isaac and Ishmael” The crime: A rushed didactic response to the September 11, 2001 attacks Television’s failures are supposed to be obvious. From the overhyped non-starters that flop from the very beginning (hello, FlashForward, Lone Star) to the much-discussed clumsy conclusions of series we were convinced had it all planned … Continue reading #TVFail Entry 9: The West Wing, “Isaac and Ishmael”

Test Pilot: File #15, Sports Night

Test Pilot #15: Sports Night Debut date: September 22, 1998 Series legacy: Aaron Sorkin's first foray into television! After a short hiatus, Test Pilot is back! Time for more historical pilot analysis – I know, contain your excitement. In case you have forgotten or are new to the site, here’s the general primer: In this … Continue reading Test Pilot: File #15, Sports Night

Innovations, er, “Innovations” from broadcast networks — NBC

Curious as to what this all means? Read my introduction to this multi-post series. Again, this whole "project" has gone on too long, but with classes finally wrapping up, I should be able to bash out the final post here in a few days. But first: America's favorite network, NBC! Did things really go as … Continue reading Innovations, er, “Innovations” from broadcast networks — NBC