Series Finale — Friday Night Lights, “Always”

One LAST TIME, this is the review I wrote during FNL's DirecTV run. I will be completely honest with you, I've avoided reviewing the last handful of episodes of Friday Night Lights because it's just been too damn hard to let go. From "Fracture" onward, I've basically been left in a heaping ball of my … Continue reading Series Finale — Friday Night Lights, “Always”

Friday Night Lights, “Fracture”

Again, this is my review of the episode when it aired on DirecTV, reposted here for your convenience and enjoyment.  This is obvious and I also tweeted it when I was watching the episode a few days ago, but my goodness Kyle Chandler has been devastatingly great this season. He's always fantastic and it was nice to see him … Continue reading Friday Night Lights, “Fracture”

Checking in with Friday Night Lights Season Five

Again, these posts were written during the DirecTV run. They're being reposted here now. I haven't written about FNL in a while (I think since episode three) because of odd scheduling and also because I've been a little frustrated with things. It's not that season five has been bad, I just didn't feel like the … Continue reading Checking in with Friday Night Lights Season Five