Season Finale — The Good Wife, “Closing Arguments”

After a season in which The Good Wife¬†expanded its narrative scope dramatically (so much so, it's been rightfully discussed as the broadcast follow-up to The Wire), sometimes to its own detriment (let's just pretend that Hugo Chavez episode didn't happen, shall we?), it was kind of nice that the season finale dials things back and … Continue reading Season Finale — The Good Wife, “Closing Arguments”

The Good Wife, “Wrongful Termination”

I couldn't really bring myself to write about last week's episode of The Good Wife. Since I watched the first 33 or so episodes in a week-long binge, I can't really be sure, but I'm mostly confident in making a claim for that to be the worst episode of the series. This is such a … Continue reading The Good Wife, “Wrongful Termination”

Sons of Anarchy, “Oiled”

After a gripping premiere full of characters taking action, "Oiled" is much more subdued and exposition-heavy, as Sons of Anarchy settles in with its multitude of plot lines for season three. And while the ending result is not as enjoyable as "So" last week, the more subdued approach here is necessary to move forward.Early in … Continue reading Sons of Anarchy, “Oiled”