#TVFail Entry 4: The Office, “The Banker”

The accused: The Office, "The Banker" (Season 6, Episode 14) The crime: Clip show. That is all. Television’s failures are supposed to be obvious. From the overhyped non-starters that flop from the very beginning (hello, FlashForward, Lone Star) to the much-discussed clumsy conclusions of series we were convinced had it all planned out (nice to see you … Continue reading #TVFail Entry 4: The Office, “The Banker”

Season Finale — The Office, “Search Committee”

Like many of the series I've written about this week, I haven't checked in on The Office for a bit. Thursdays are always busy for me and the series isn't in a position where it MUST be written about each week. I thought about writing something during Michael Scott's goodbye, but so many other people … Continue reading Season Finale — The Office, “Search Committee”

Season Premiere — The Office, “Nepotism”

Going into Steve Carell's final season as Michael Scott, The Office is in a unique position. Though last season was definitely the worst thus far and Year 7 is rarely a whirlwind resurgence for a slumping long-running comedy, Carell's departure suggests that the series' writers will be faced with doing some of the things that … Continue reading Season Premiere — The Office, “Nepotism”

The List: Ranking the episodes of The Office — Introductions and Tier 5 [Episodes 115-93]

I've been re-watching The Office on DVD this summer in hopes of reminding me how good the series once was. I've accomplished that completely, but with TVS in mind, I'm always thinking about how I transfer what I'm watching into some sort of post or feature or whatever else. If you follow me on Twitter … Continue reading The List: Ranking the episodes of The Office — Introductions and Tier 5 [Episodes 115-93]