Smallville, “Collateral”

Apologies for the delay in this review, hectic weekend. When it was announced that Smallville's 2011 return would be pushed back a week, I wasn't really upset. For the most part, this final season has been more scatter-brained and problematic than the last two seasons, despite some very, very great moments. Usually the series is … Continue reading Smallville, “Collateral”

Smallville, “Luthor”

Time travel, alternate universes, these storytelling techniques are such gimmicks -- gimmicks Smallville uses on a fairly regular basis. However, because the series is so good when they do employ this gimmicks, I'm willing to give them a reprieve for dipping into an elseworlds-type tale in "Luthor." Plus, the series is based on a comic … Continue reading Smallville, “Luthor”

Smallville reaches 200: An ode to the undervalued fans

Tonight, Smallville airs its 200th episode, becoming only the 79th scripted series to reach that milestone in the history of television. This is a massive deal, but for the most part, the industry's biggest and critics are ignoring it. There's no Entertainment Weekly or TV Guide cover. Alan Sepinwall isn't writing about his favorite moments … Continue reading Smallville reaches 200: An ode to the undervalued fans

Season Premiere — Smallville, “Lazarus”

The premiere of Smallville's tenth(!) and final season is in a weird position. On one hand, this is the final season! By that I mean the writers should have no trouble moving towards the end of the story that we've all been waiting since 2001 for, the journey is almost completely. On the other hand, because … Continue reading Season Premiere — Smallville, “Lazarus”

Series Premiere — Hellcats, “A World Full of Strangers”

If you thought that Hellcats, the new CW series about collegiate competitive cheerleading, would do for that sport what Glee did for high school music programs, you had the same thought process as the creators of this series. Or perhaps I should say the same hopes, as Hellcats follows many of the same beats as the … Continue reading Series Premiere — Hellcats, “A World Full of Strangers”