Season Finale — True Blood, “Evil is Going On”

My lord, what in the heck happened to True Blood? All season, I've flipped and flopped in my opinion of the series, mostly because I've seen the series start strong and completely run out of gas by the time the season is over. I was also concerned about how in the world the series was … Continue reading Season Finale — True Blood, “Evil is Going On”

True Blood, “Fresh Blood”

I wasn't planning on writing about Sunday's True Blood until my guilt took over. I can't leave you loyal folks hanging! But that doesn't really change that "Fresh Blood" was more mediocre wheel-spinning from the series. I'll say this: This episode isn't as boring or awful as last week's effort. However, as a penultimate episode, … Continue reading True Blood, “Fresh Blood”

True Blood, “Trouble” and “I Got a Right to Sing The Blues”

Again, thanks to my vacation, I didn't have time to watch the last two episodes of True Blood, let alone recap the damn things. Alas, I've powered through them today and combined my thoughts into one post. It was totally compelling to be at Comic-Con to see all the True Blood banners and love during … Continue reading True Blood, “Trouble” and “I Got a Right to Sing The Blues”

True Blood, “9 Crimes”

Back after the holiday break, True Blood turned in what was probably its finest episode of a still-weak third season. Less scatterbrained and more emotionally resonant (especially early on), "9 Crimes" suggests things might just calm down despite the 1,306 storylines happening right now. I guess even though I just gave "9 Crimes" some praise, … Continue reading True Blood, “9 Crimes”