Chuck, “Chuck Versus The Balcony”

"Chuck Versus The Balcony" is a weird episode. It's built around the most anticipated moment of the season, but seems interested in sucking most, if not all of the tension out of that moment. This is an episode and moment that the fans have been waiting for and even though the first half of "Balcony" … Continue reading Chuck, “Chuck Versus The Balcony”

Chuck, “Chuck Versus The Fear of Death”

After a string of rock-solid episodes, "Chuck Versus the Fear of Death" feels more in-step with the earlier episodes of season four. Despite the episode's attempts to keep the stakes high after the Mama Bartowski stuff from the last few efforts, the value of the plot movement found within "Fear of Death" won't really be … Continue reading Chuck, “Chuck Versus The Fear of Death”

Chuck, “Chuck Versus the Suitcase”

Though I enjoyed last week's Chuck premiere, there was some discussion Twitter about the series' storytelling desires. After the premiere, Daniel Walters wrote a nice piece about what he'd do to improve the series, particularly when it comes to raised stakes and less formulaic cases that involve Chuck and Sarah infiltrating a party. I can't … Continue reading Chuck, “Chuck Versus the Suitcase”

Season Premiere — Chuck, “Chuck Versus the Anniversary”

Watching the Chuck season four premiere felt odd. After wanting that third season so badly and then having to wait until January to get it, the season three premiere felt much bigger and more anticipated. Having the series back so soon with relatively little fanfare (nearly every other series on Monday, returning or new, seemed … Continue reading Season Premiere — Chuck, “Chuck Versus the Anniversary”