Review: Sons of Anarchy, “Hands”

Sons of Anarchy is having one heck of a season, no? Whether or not Kurt Sutter agrees with most of the criticisms of the mediocre third season, it is apparent that he decided to push the series back towards the things it does best in season four. Now that we’re coming to the final stretch … Continue reading Review: Sons of Anarchy, “Hands”

Review: Sons of Anarchy, “Family Recipe”

  When I checked in with Sons of Anarchy last week, I couched many of my praises with some concerns. Sons had been having a very good season that led to a number of truly great moments last week, moments that I didn’t actually expect to come until the end of the season. But amid … Continue reading Review: Sons of Anarchy, “Family Recipe”

Season Premiere review — Sons of Anarchy, “Out”

“We’re not a gang, we’re a motorcycle club.” Like many of you, I come into this season of Sons of Anarchy with complicated feelings. As I’ve discussed a few times, I found the third season to be pretty tepid, but I don’t think I was as disappointed as most – if only because I didn’t … Continue reading Season Premiere review — Sons of Anarchy, “Out”

Sons of Anarchy, “Oiled”

After a gripping premiere full of characters taking action, "Oiled" is much more subdued and exposition-heavy, as Sons of Anarchy settles in with its multitude of plot lines for season three. And while the ending result is not as enjoyable as "So" last week, the more subdued approach here is necessary to move forward.Early in … Continue reading Sons of Anarchy, “Oiled”