Welcome to TV Surveillance!

Hello there!

Welcome to TV Surveillance! I’m Cory Barker, I’ll be your guide through the world of television here. Just a few quick notes about me: I’ve just graduated from Indiana University, where I majored in journalism and communication & culture. I’ll be attending Bowling Green State University in the fall to begin my MA in Television Studies in the Department of Popular Culture.

I’ve written hundreds of posts and columns and recorded over 100 hours of podcasts about television over the past three years for IU’s student newspaper, The Indiana Daily Student. I wish I could import all those here, but that would take months. BUT, if you click here you can look at all the recaps I’ve done since January of 2008 for WEEKEND Watchers, a blog I helped create. And if you click here you can see all the columns, projects and various media reviews that I’ve done for WEEKEND’s print and web sections over the past three years. I started a TV-centric column with the “TV Surveillance” handle in January of 2009, and can’t let it go, so here we are.

This blog will cover television from as many angles possible. I’ll recap many of today’s most important series, comment on news items and work through more long-term projects that provide us with some interesting discussion topics – hopefully. I’ll probably get a podcast up and running as well. Thus, hopefully TV Surveillance will serve as a point where critical and academic viewpoints on television collide, while entertaining all along the way.

In the coming weeks, things will be dynamic and fluid, as I’m trying to import some of my work from WEEKEND and a blogger blog, TV Past the Aughts (note all those awkwardly-formatted posts below this). Hopefully by the middle of May, we’ll be good to go! Tell your friends!


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