Surveillance Summer Watch, The West Wing: Introductions

With the unofficial television coming to an end, I’ll be free to watch older series that I have on DVD that I haven’t quite gotten around to yet. There are three or four I’d like to knock out by summer’s end and the plan is to occasionally touch base with those series here on the blog.

First up is The West Wing, which I purchased as a complete series on eBay last summer in a complete whim. I have tried to start watching on a number of instances over the past year, but other responsibilities and more pressing television matters overwhelmed all that. But no more! So the plan is to check in with my watching — I’ll try to hit at least a couple episodes a day — at least once a week with the possibility to go further if they’re A.) good and B.) get some sort of response.

The posts will be some sort of combination of recap and review with some contextual analysis. The West Wing is an interesting case to watch in 2010, because hopefully I’ll be able to trace the political influences on the series and some of the responses found in the text itself that were directly connected to events in the real world. I’m hoping to do some reading on the production of the series as we go and brush up on my political history from the late ’90s to early ’00s so I don’t come off as some ridiculous fool trying to make connections that are clearly apparent or perhaps not there at all. And maybe even there will even some makeshift connections to today’s administration!

Anyway, I’m beginning this project today, right as this post goes live and will probably have a post up by weekend’s end. Join me if you will.

One response to “Surveillance Summer Watch, The West Wing: Introductions”

  1. I am so excited for this. As you know I’ve been re-watching the West Wing courtesy of my dad’s video collection, so I’ll be right there with you. Let me know if you want to geek out over the show, or need a geek to give you geekish insight.


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