2009-10 season wrap — Introductions

With the television season officially coming to an end tonight at 11 p.m., it’s time to look back. You know, because it’s never too early to look back. Especially when things like summer viewing and Emmy ballots are coming soon.

But seriously, over the next few weeks, I plan on posting capsules on a number of different series that have ended this season’s runs. Those posts will include discussion of the high points, the low points and probably everything in between. I’ll even try to throw in some contextual discussion about where this season fits among the various series’ pantheons and probably top it all off with a grade.

I’m hoping to throw up one of these a day starting this Friday. Sometimes I might not stick to that schedule, thanks to you know, life. But here’s a rough outline of what series to expect and when to expect them, assuming I stick to the one-per-day line.

Friday, 5/28: Chuck

Saturday, 5/29: The Office

Sunday, 5/30: How I Met Your Mother

Monday, 5/31: Supernatural

Tuesday, 6/1: House

Wednesday, 6/2: Smallville

Thursday, 6/3: Community

Friday, 6/4: How To Make It In America

Saturday, 6/5: V

Sunday, 6/6: 30 Rock

Monday, 6/7: Fringe

Tuesday, 6/8: Parks and Recreation

Wednesday, 6/9: Lost

Thursday, 6/10: Justified

Friday, 6/11: Glee

Join me if you will! Tell your friends!


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