Justified, “Fathers and Sons”

Justified is on a roll, folks. Thoughts after the jump.

The penultimate “Fathers and Sons” was aptly titled and damn good television.

Things are all coming together into one big mess for Raylan, as the Miami folks are still out for his head and are now going to have even more reason to actually come to Kentucky since Boyd went all rocket launcher on their latest shipment of meth. Meanwhile, his no-good father Arlo eventually decided to become a double agent for Raylan and the Marshals, but it’s unclear if he’s really doing that or actually working as a triple agent so that he can get more money from Bo Crowder. Speaking of Bo, he’s not going to be too happy with his boy Boyd for blowing up another truck, now is he? Hell, he’s still probably going to be pissed at Eva for not leaving the state as well. Throw in all those crazy sons of youknowwhat and add a nice layer of sex with his ex-wife and things are getting pretty hairy for Raylan, who is seemingly doing his best not to just shoot everyone and leave the state happily.

I talked last week about the suffocating nature of returning home, and “Fathers and Sons” went a long well of driving that nail in some more because things can quickly pile up on you when surrounded by a bunch of people you already know and have history with. When the animosity is already there, any slight move in a specific direction could set up a chain reaction of very bad things. For Raylan, it’s all about avoiding that move and trying to keep all these loose canons locked in position for just a little bit longer, but I cannot imagine he’ll be able to succeed.

The performances this week were outstanding on every front, with Boyd’s sermon to the church my favorite moment of the entire season. I tweeted this earlier, but it’s really disappointing that John Lithgow entered himself in the guest actor category for the Emmy awards, because Walton Goggins is playing Boyd with a unchained insanity that is extremely fun to watch. It’s interesting to see the Boyd-Bo relationship crumble because my assumption was always that they’d reconcile — I guess because they’re both antagonists — but instead, it’s going the opposite way while Raylan and Arlo at least have an agreement in-place. Of course, that’s until Arlo goes back on it, screws up the investigation and probably gets somebody shot. Raymond Berry is so damn good as Arlo, he plays that stubborn, southern asshole with ease and it is truly easy to believe that he and Timothy Olyphant would be related.

I don’t quite buy the Winona-Raylan hook-up because I’m not sure what he did in recent episodes to really give her that desire — if anything, she would have done it after he saved her husband — but I guess it’s just one of those things we have to go with it because it only adds more difficulty to Raylan’s life. I’m okay with that. And I’m pumped for next week’s finale. How about you?


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