Lie to Me, “Beat The Devil”

Lie to Me is one of those finely tuned procedural dramas that I like, sometimes even really like, but ultimately have to ditch during the regular television season because there are other things on that I enjoy more. But with the summer season here and the series coming back just in time, I’ll probably talk about it at least semi-regularly moving forward.

Thankfully, the first episode back is one of the series’ finest that I’ve seen thanks to a nice guest star.

I haven’t seen Veronica Mars (I know, I’m sorry), but I’ve heard many o’ good things about Jason Dohring and his appearance here as a student who’s willing to go toe-to-toe with Cal is fantastic. From what I’ve seen of season two, Shawn Ryan’s place as the new showrunner has meant stories that are powered by the characters and not some of those goofy gadgets and ploys used to find liars like in season one. This is one of those episodes.

I’m sure many people have made the comparisons between Cal and House — hell, I think I even made the comparison when the series premiered — but that doesn’t make the comparisons any less true. Like House, Cal is an egomaniac who doesn’t like to be wrong and especially doesn’t like to be made a fool of. So when the college psychopath played by Dohring does just that, Cal’s claim that he’s a possible killer isn’t just powered by his desire to solve a crime — he wants to be right. And when he is right in the end, he asks for his money back from their bet at the beginning of the episode, proving that despite all the good he’s done in locking up a bad mofo, Cal Lightman really just wants to make sure his peers know that he wasn’t wrong afterall.

The series would certainly be more interesting if it had characters like the one played by Dohring every week, those who can stand up against Cal even if they ultimately fold. However, I guess the idea that these kind of people only come around occasionally not only makes it more effective when they do, but it continues to prove that Cal is a talented man.

The other case involved UFOs and wasn’t overly interesting, but hey, I love UFOs and any series that supports those kind of beliefs is fine by me. I’m glad that Eli believes in them, makes me like him even more.

Also: When did Monica Raymund get super attractive? I don’t mean to be crass, but wow. Just wow.


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