Quick poll: Breaking Bad or Mad Men?

Last night, Breaking Bad wrapped up its stellar third season to much acclaim and hoopla. I’ve seen a few critics and folks on Twitter talk about this season of the series as one of the best ever for the medium. Check out a number of wonderful reviews here, here, here, and here.

That got me thinking — what about Mad Men? Bad‘s AMC brethren usually attracts this kind of praise, but since its last season aired so long ago, it hasn’t been in the public discussion recently as Breaking Bad has possibly taken the reigns as television’s shining beacon of light. I’ve been trying to figure out all day which series I like more and for what reasons, but they’re so dissimilar in many ways that it’s still troubling me. Thus, I thought I’d throw it out to you folks. Who ya got, Mad Men or Breaking Bad? Or…something else?


One response to “Quick poll: Breaking Bad or Mad Men?”

  1. I’d put it as a tie between Breaking Bad and Treme


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