The List: Ranking the episodes of The Office — Tier 3 [Episodes 69-47]

I’ve been re-watching The Office on DVD this summer in hopes of reminding me how good the series once was. I’ve accomplished that completely, but with TVS in mind, I’m always thinking about how I transfer what I’m watching into some sort of post or feature or whatever else. If you follow me on Twitter — and obviously, you should — you know I’ve been tweeting about doing a ranked list of the series 115 episodes (hour-long/extended episodes count as one). Well, here it is.

If you need more information about my thought process in the selection, check out my introductory post on the matter.

Ah, the middle tier. I think I truly love all these episodes, making it tough to place them here. But again, I was the one who chose to do this damn exercise in the first place so complaining about having to do it is ridiculous. Let’s just get to it — remember, no particular order.

69. “Golden Ticket,” (S5): Funny, relevant and set off one of the series’ best arcs. But not as good as the episodes that followed in said arc.

68. “Local Ad” (S4): Love when the series proves that Michael does have some creativity and nothing tops “Limitless paper in a paperless world.”

67. “Chair Model” (S4): I liked this episode much more when I watched it recently on DVD, but Michael still acts like a fool for part of it.

66. “The Alliance” (S1): The confirmation that this series could be something amazing.

65. “Employee Transfer” (S5): I was very, very sad to see Michael go and his sleeping with eyes open still gets me. The more Darryl the better, also.

64. “The Cover Up” (S6): The best and most enjoyable episodes of the Michael-as-a-mistress storyline. The printer fire story between Andy, Gabe and Darryl is also low-key fun.

63. “The Negotiation” (S3): Low salary, women’s clothes and lots of Wikipedia!

62. “The Fight” (S2): Michael and Dwight at their most petty, but for whatever reason, it totally works. Pam acting awkward is heartbreaking for Jim and us!

61. “Michael’s Birthday” (S2): I loved that after acting like a completely selfish fool for most of the episode, Michael takes Kevin’s possible illness very seriously. Also awesome: Pam and Jim shopping.

60. “Gossip” (S6): A small-scale opener to the sixth season that is totally enjoyable even if it’s not that funny.

59. “Secret Santa” (S6): Turns out, the 12 Days of Christmas don’t make for great real gifts.

58. “Casual Friday” (S5): Jim playing board games with Creed needs to happen more often as far as I’m concerned.

57. “Health Care” (S1): Jim and Pam taking on Dwight’s health care proposal with fictitious health ailments is still one of my favorite moments from the series.

56. “Women’s Appreciation” (S3): I think the direction tries to hard to convince us the conversations about Jan and Michael also apply to Jim-Pam-Karen, but this is a nice, heartfelt episode.

55. “Double Date” (S6): Michael dating Pam’s mom was one of the only successful mini-arcs of season six and despite the foolishness of Pam wanting to hit her boss, this is a quality season three episode.

54. “Halloween” (S2): The costumes were fun and it was nice to finally have come movement on the possible downsizing we’d been scared with for the first handful of episodes.

53. “The Meeting” (S6): This episode isn’t really funny at all, but is high on interesting plot development. And even though I’m not as low on Jim’s turn as co-manger, it’s still so disappointing that the promise of this episode was never met.

52. “The Convict” (S3): Prison Mike is certainly one of the best Michael Scott characters and anytime the whole office bands together to screw with someone, good things happen.

51. “The Secret” (S2): The big secret finally comes out, and Jim’s squirming because of it is honest and real. Also: Hooters!

50. “New Boss” (S5): That Charles Miner is a bastard. Gotta respect the episode for taking the risk of having Michael quit.

49. “The Convention” (S3): The montage of Michael picking up swag is money.

48. “Performance Review” (S2): Jim and Pam tricking Dwight it is Friday is a subtly funny bit that fits perfectly into the dim outlook of the workplace.

47. “The Promotion” (S6): For some reason, lots of people hate this episode. I don’t get it. It’s uncomfortable as hell, but that’s the point, right?

Season totals so far: In this tier (total)

Season 1 –> 2 (5)     Season 2 –> 5 (11)     Season 3 –> 4 (12)     Season 4 –> 2 (7)     Season 5 –> 4 (15)     Season 6 –> 6 (19)

–> Eps 92-70
–>Eps 115-93


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