Burn Notice, “Breach of Faith”

This week’s episode of Burn Notice is being compared to season two’s “Bad Breaks” because of the hostage situation premise and although “Breach of Faith” might not be quite as good as that effort, it’s still a damn fine hour of television.I’m kind of a sucker for tight quarters hostage situation episodes and series like this have to go to the well a few times throughout their run. Obviously, I’m all for that. Thankfully, the Burn Notice writers decided to flip the set up just a little bit by making Michael and Sam the hostage takers in a way, which made for both hilarious and tense sequences. Also: the device Michael and Sam built to pull the safe out of the ground? EPIC. We haven’t had a really cool gadget this season and this one is an all-timer.

It’s also nice to see Sam take a vested personal interest in the case for once in a while. Sure, Mr. Axe always cares about the jobs and helping Michael, but occasionally, Michael has to help one of Sam’s buddies and those episodes typically end up being terribly enjoyable. “Breach of Faith” also nicely showed Michael’s frustrations with working these jobs, as he didn’t even want to do it in the first place and then had a little trouble adapting to the situation in the building. So often we know that Michael and the team’s first plan isn’t going to work and it’s like they know it too so there’s never much drama in the middle of episodes. But here, Michael seemed legitimately concerned about what was going to happen and how he’d get everyone out alive. Just a small touch, but a fine one.

The season-long plot has stalled a little bit and gotten lost in the details of files and surveillance, as this week brought us Navi Rawat as some sort of cleaner and more files. But I’m still enjoying having Jesse around. I don’t think Burn Notice really wants to create a love triangle between Jesse, Michael and Fiona, but the newcomer definitely has a personality that matches up with Fi’s more than Michael. Just sayin’.

Moreover, the first four episodes of season four are streets ahead of what we were given in season three. I can’t exactly recall for sure if these four episodes are better than anything we saw in season three, but I feel like that is probably the case. Turns out Burn Notice isn’t as tired as I thought it was.


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